MIDletTestRunner Overview

MIDletTestRunner is a fully configurable MIDlet. It is intended to run tests in emulator (e.g. WTK emulator) or mobile device. It shows almost all results of tests run (progress bar, statistics, lists of failures or errors with detailed messages for each test) in one screen. See screen shots.

The tests can be run automatically during start-up (depends on configuration, see MIDletTestRunner Guide) and re executed more times later.

It can print descriptive messages of failures and errors thrown together with stack-trace to the standard error output.

The tests execution can be stopped when it's duration (measured from first test start till last test end) exceeds specified timeout (for versions 1.1.1 and later). See MIDletTestRunner Guide).

Usage of this test runner is pretty simple, see MIDletTestRunner Guide. As mentioned above it is fully configurable. Developers can set autostart, timeout and print features and appearance (progress bar, statistics, background, text colors and fonts). See MIDletTestRunner Guide.

Note: MIDletTestRunner is built upon MoMELib library. This is a J2ME library that offers possibilities to execute commands in separate from AMS (Application Management Software) callback thread, issue commands programmatically, associate key (game action) or sequence of keys and/or game actions with command, use any complimentary argument with command and much more.

If you are interested, visit MoMELib Home Page