MoMEUnit News

4 Sep 2007 - MoMEUnit 1.1.2 released.

preverify, haltonerror, haltonfailure functionalities changed and java 1.2 compliance established of ant integration package, 4device package included and minor and major bugs fixed.

Because of improper functionality of Sun preverify tool when operating on jar file especially if used together with jar tool from other (not Sun) vendor, <momeunit>'s preverify functionality changed. If preverify attribute is set to on classes of J2ME test application will be preverified only if <momeunit> is used to build it. In this case preverify tool is operating on directories and classes. If preverify attribute is set to appJar momeunit will preverify whole application jar file, regardless was it built by <momeunit> or not. In this case preverify tool is operating on the jar file.

Setting haltonerror, haltonfailure attributes to on causes <momeunit> to stop build process on error or failure but not cease tests execution. This gives developers possibilities to obtain results of all tests run. To achieve <junit>'s like functionality developers should supply withCease value to haltonerror and/or haltonfailure attributes. In this case tests execution is ceased if an error or failure occurred.

4Device package, included in distribution, contains momeunit framework and MIDletTestRunner classes. It is intended to serve as a library for building J2ME test applications to be deployed on mobile device.

Ant integration package is now java 1.2 compliant. Should be no problems running ant integration package using different JVMs.

15 Aug 2007 - MoMEUnit 1.1.1 released.

Timeout functionality added to ant Integration package and MIDletTestRunner and minor bugs fixed.

Timeout functionality gives developer possibilities to handle infinite loops and long running tests and detect offending one. This functionality stops tests execution after given timeout. Time is measured from first test start not emulator start. Offending test is reported as erroneous. Test executed before offending one are reported normally.

15 Aug 2007 - MoMEUnit acquired the logo.

MoMEUnit now has a logo.

11 Jul 2007 - MoMEUnit 1.1 released.

Ant Integration package added and minor bugs fixed.

MoMEUnit ant integration consists of several fully featured, extensible tasks that simplify use of MoMEUnit framework with Ant build system. It gives developers possibilities to automatically calculate list of tests to run based on Test interface implementation and given patterns, build J2ME test application based on source files, classes, resources and libraries specified, run test cases of built J2ME application, configure J2ME application by specifying attributes of JAD descriptor and/or manifest, preverify application, format tests run output by using predefined or custom formatters (all test characteristics including times and stack traces are available), choose emulator and/or preverify tool to run by specifying predefined or custom emulator or preverifier and much more.

15 May 2007 - MIDletTestRunner added.

MIDletTestRunner - a fully configurable MIDlet added as extension to the framework. It runs tests in emulator or mobile device, shows the results (progress bar, statistics, lists of failures or errors with detailed messages for each test) in one screen, gives possibility to run tests automatically during start-up and re executed more times later, print descriptive messages of failures and errors thrown together with stack-trace to the standard output and more.

15 May 2007 - MoMEUnit 1.0 released

The MoMEUnit project started. MoMEUnit is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing of J2ME applications. It is derived from well known JUnit framework.

MoMEUnit gives developers possibilities to easily develop and run tests, share the same fixture among different tests, specify different or modified fixture for a group of tests, run test in fresh fixture, simultaneously runs tests and much more.