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4 Sep 2007 - MoMEUnit 1.1.2 released.

preverify, haltonerror, haltonfailure functionalities changed and java 1.2 compliance established of ant integration package, 4device package included and minor and major bugs fixed.

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MoMEUnit is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing of J2ME applications. It is derived from well known JUnit framework. It is only CLDC 1.1 complied.

MoMEUnit includes Ant Integration package. It consists of several fully featured, extensible tasks that simplify use of MoMEUnit framework with Ant build system. MoMEUnit Ant Integration package offers following functionality:

MoMEUnit provides as an extension a MIDletTestRunner - a fully configurable MIDlet. It is intended to run tests in emulator or mobile device. It shows the results of tests run (progress bar, statistics, lists of failures or errors with detailed messages for each test) in one screen. The tests can be run automatically during start-up and re executed more times later. It can print descriptive messages of failures and errors thrown together with stack-trace to the standard error output and stop tests execution if it takes too long.

MoMEUnit framework offers following functionality:

This framework is available (compiled classes, docs and sources) under Common Public License - v 1.0.

If you are unfamiliar with JUnit framework (or unit testing at all) or extreme programming. Please, visit following sites:

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